Relationship Marketing is about Relationships

You're drinking your morning coffee and scanning the newspaper. You come across an article about a new development in the search to cure blindness. One of your clients is a charity that raises money for research to cure blindness. You think to yourself, "I'm going to send this to Pat over at the Eye Bank Foundation." And that's as far as it ever gets because you get distracted by other things. Or as the saying goes, "Life gets in the way!"

Starting today, I want you to keep a pad and pencil handy wherever you are. As soon as a thought like the one above pops into your head, write it down.

Building Relationships is Easy - Reach Out to Your Clients and Prospects

Write down 'what', (news article) 'where', (Wednesday newspaper, page 3, metro section) and 'who', (send to Jim at Eye Bank Foundation). As soon as you finish your coffee or whatever you might be doing, put the article in an envelope and mail it. As an old adage says, "A short pencil is better than long memory." Attach a sticky note saying, "I thought you might find this interesting," and sign it. Nothing else, just the note. No selling or asking for an appointment.

Successful Relationship Marketing

Do this on a regular basis and you'll keep yourself (and your business) always on the minds of your existing clients. Plus, it's a fun way to stay connected with them and let them know they are on your mind, too. This also works well with new prospects or potential future clients. They may be doing business with someone else now, but eventually could be in the market for a new resource.

Relationship Marketing is Not Selling

The best part is, you're not being a pest, or a pushy salesperson. You're just a friend passing on some relevant information.

And when they need what you sell...who're they going to call?

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