Marketing Tip:  Practice Random Acts of Kindness for Relationship Building

Flower PowerYou've seen those bumper stickers that say, "Practice Random Acts of Kindness." You might think that the owner is some recycled Hippie from the 60's Flower Power movement. And you might be right. But have you ever thought of "practicing random acts" with your clients or prospects?

Marketing Example of Relationship Building

One of my colleagues shows up at a client's office about 15 minutes before the office formally opens for the day. He doesn't have an appointment. What he does have is enough donuts or bagels for the staff. He does his research so he knows what to bring. After he delivers his gift, he visits for only a minute and leaves. He does not ask for an appointment or to see anyone. His mission is accomplished. He has practiced a random act of gratitude.

When he does call for an appointment or an order, do you think he gets VIP treatment? Of course, he does!

Marketing Example of Relationship Building

So, how do you "blow someone's mind?"

Genuinely practice random acts of kindness or awareness.  Take notice of photos or knick-knacks on a client's desk or bookcase or wall. These mementos give you clues about their interests or hobbies. If you develop keen awareness, your clients will drop clues in conversation that will allow you to practice those random acts that are not so random but are powerful marketing tactics. The key is...a genuine interest in your clients and building relationships.

Most business people focus on themselves and what they can get out of the relationship - focus on how you can help you clients, create relationships.  How you can create a "Wow?"  The key to life and business is connection.

You can spend thousands of dollars on advertising trying to get a client. can buy a box of donuts and nail down a new relationship-or cement an existing one.

Relationship Building is Key to Marketing

It's all in your approach.  You can gain an edge on the competition with genuine interest and desire to build true relationships.  It's your call!

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