Small Message, Big Impact by Terri Sjodin

Small Message, Big Impact - The Elevator Speech Effect            by Terri Sjodin

Small Message, Big Impact: The Elevator Speech Effect by Terri Sjodin Book Review by Laura Woodard

Does your elevator speech deliver results?

The last time you gave your elevator speech to a prospect were you able to schedule an appointment to build a relationship or to discuss your product/service in more detail? Think back, the last 10 times you gave your elevator speech what were the outcomes? If you are not getting the results you would like to get, then you need to read Small Message, Big Impact - The Elevator Speech Effect by Terri Sjodin.

Have you really spent the appropriate amount of time developing a "killer" elevator speech?

Ms. Sjodin's approach to creating an elevator speech is very methodical and interactive. In her book she includes questions, check lists, worksheets and action items that help you develop a persuasive customized elevator speech that delivers results.

Do you make the same mistakes most professionals make when delivering their elevator speech?

Her argument is that you should provide a prospect with just enough information to create curiosity and advance the ball. Most people provide information overload that is not organized and result in "missed" opportunities.

She also encourages her readers to develop an elevator speech in the traditional structure:

  1. Introduction (grab the listener's attention)
  2. Body Point #1 (three body points, for example - why you, why your company, why now)
  3. Body Point #2
  4. Body Point #3
  5. Conclusion
  6. Close

This framework is made up of six components.  Balance the speech by giving 30 seconds to each component -- equaling the standard three minute elevator speech.  Make sure to define a clear and logical case for why they really need you and what you are proposing.  Don't forget to continuously answer the question that is sure to be in your prospect's thoughts --  "So what does this mean for me?"

Don't "Wing It" when delivering your elevator speech.

In my work with clients, I find that many of them have not put a lot of time and effort into developing results generating elevator speeches. Most professionals I consult with "wing it" when it comes to the all-important elevator speech. When you get the opportunity to make a first impression it is critical that you are ready to present your business in a targeted, well thought out, concise, and persuasive manner.

Here's an end of year challenge:

Take this last week of December (while others may be in "holiday mode") and craft a "killer - results driving" elevator speech. Practice it out loud and test it against the "So What" test.  Come January, I promise you will begin to see bottom line results for your efforts.

For those readers who have taken the elevator speech challenge, please share your new elevator speech with our readers below.

If you are up to it, please share your before and after elevator speech!!!

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