Marketing Using the very latest market research and innovations, Grassroots Marketing Group, Inc. works with you to develop a strategic marketing plan that will maximize your R.O.I. (Return On Investment) and help you to create consistent growth in your business.

“Because, when you’re successful... we’re successful!”

GrassRoots Marketing Group’s G.R.A.S.S. System

Growth Requires A Strategic System

Marketing Approach.

A. Together, we review your marketing plan, its implementation, and direction.

B. Next, we determine what’s working, what’s not, and what may be missing.

C. Then, based on your input, we delve into new marketing channels (such as print, social media, e-newsletters, etc.) to see what fits your organization.

D. Finally, we build on your successes while implementing and monitoring new strategies designed to help you attract and retain more clients.

Strategy + Systems = Business Growth and Success

marketing strategy

Marketing Strategies Will Grow A Company...

while bad marketing or no marketing will shrink or destroy a business.

If a company’s growth stagnates or declines, typical factors include the following:

  • Outgrown infrastructure and processes:
  • Insufficient resources allocated to a formal marketing and business development planing.
  • Failure to adjust to demographic, industry, or economic changes.
  • Projects that overwhelm, exhaust, or are beyond the scope of the marketing team.

A solid marketing plan establishes well thought out direction for the company’s development and growth. In order to thrive, companies require:

  • A strong identifiable brand.
  • Consistent marketing of their brand.
  • Continual flow of new customers.
  • Retention of existing customers.

Many companies lack a formal written marketing plan for their business development. Others create a marketing plan but fail to track its progress, successes, and failures. This wastes money and resources and results in frustration and failure.

Sometimes, the budgeting process skimps on, or overlooks, an allocation for marketing. Then, when marketing opportunities present themselves, reactionary spending rules the day. Instead of consistent, proactive marketing, that produces consistent high return on investment, you get a haphazard result.

In some cases, inadequate analysis of marketing expenditures results in dollars better spent in other areas. For example, low value opportunities contribute to considerable waste. Some companies approach marketing in a hit-or-miss fashion. Scenarios such as these, underscore the need for an easy-to-follow plan.

That’s where Grassroots Marketing Group, Inc. comes in. We work with your team to research, track, and analyze your situation. We then develop an integrated, well thought out, efficient marketing plan for growth. Although it sounds simple, most companies struggle with this process. Why not put our marketing experts’ years of experience to work for you?

Take this “DO I NEED HELP?” quiz:

On a piece of paper score your answers:

  1. Is our market shrinking? Y-2  N-0
  2. Do we ever think no one knows who we are? Y-2 N-0
  3. Do our customers remember us first or our competition when placing an order? Us-0 Them-2
  4. Have we not gotten new customers recently? Y-0 N-2
  5. Does anyone we work with act surprised when we mention other products we offer in addition to what they are ordering? Y-2 N-0
  6. Do employees hear from customers that our pricing is too high? Y-0 N-1
  7. Do we have a written marketing plan? Y-0 N-2
  8. Do we measure the effectiveness of our marketing activities? Y-0 N-2
  9. Is our marketing hit-or-miss depending upon the amount of business we currently have? Y-2 N-0
  10. Do we lack the staff to do the marketing? Y-2 N-0
  11. Is our geographic scope too limited? Y-1 N-0
  12. Do we sell only one product? Y-1 N-0
  13. Do we lack a consistent brand or image? Y-2 N-0
  14. Do we know our target market? Y-0 N-2

Review your answers to these questions and if your score is 6-8 or more contact us for a no obligation review of how GrassRoots Marketing Group can help you better organize, optimize, and grow your business. If you got less than 6, congratulations on a growing business.

Contact Grassroots Marketing Group, Inc. for a “no obligation review” of your marketing process.